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Drilling Techiz Pipe

Drill pipes are manufactured in 2 types as filtered (slotted) and straight (closed). Filtered pipes are used in the permeable layer, and smooth pipes are used in the impermeable layer.

Clean Water Pipe

PRESMAK Plastic PVC Pressurized clean water pipes are produced in accordance with TS 274-e EN 1452-2, DIN 8061, 8062 standards. It is capable of withstanding underground conditions.



1981’s Established PRESMAK started to manufacture sheet metal cutting, bending, trailer, carousel, steamboat materials with press in Nevşehir.

Presmak, which was a limited company in 1997, started the production of drilling equipment pipes in 1999 and has continuously increased its customer portfolio. In 2001, Presmak Drilling Techiz Pipes received a patent and continued production within the same year with TSE quality certificate. In addition, it has started to sell PVC drilling equipment pipes in accordance with the demand in PVC drilling equipment pipes in the market since 2003. In the meantime, it continued by increasing its production in the sheet pipe which is its own production. Our company, which exports abroad, is also opening up to new markets abroad.


Located in Nevşehir Organized Industrial Zone, Presmak produces 27 thousand tons of PVC pipes annually. Presmak, which mostly works with abroad, is one of the largest companies in Nevşehir.