Presmak Plastik San. ve Tic. A.S
Environmental policy

PRESMAK PLASTİK VE METAL İMALAT SAN, which has been producing by using “Environmentally Friendly Production Technologies” since its establishment. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. as; It has accepted the protection of the environment as an indicator of respect for society, beyond legal requirements. Therefore;

To control, reduce and prevent the elements that cause environmental damage with the idea of ​​not polluting instead of cleaning the environment,
To continuously improve our environmental performance and quality, to contribute to increase the environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers, customers and society,
Using global resources effectively by following the developing environmental protection systems and techniques,
To reduce scrap and waste rates and to follow their evaluation,
Eliminating the pollution processes in production sources and taking into account the environmental impacts of our products that will create life-long danger at the design stage, and to benefit from raw material sources that do not carry pollution and health risks
To use water, energy, raw materials and all natural resources in moderation and to carry out our activities in accordance with the principle of energy efficiency in order to prevent the damage caused by global warming and climate changes,
To keep the waste generation to a minimum and to ensure a “fully controlled” Waste Management in accordance with the Waste Management hierarchy,
To eliminate environmental factors that threaten the health of our employees by continuously improving the working and environmental conditions,
The reuse of recyclable wastes as raw materials provides both economic gain and less environmental pollution,
With our management approach that encourages environmental activities, our goal is to constantly follow innovations that will improve our Environmental Management System by participating in the activities of public and private organizations.